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Is the future smart?

It looks like all the big guns are joining the smartwatch revolution.

Now the smartwatch scene is about to get another high-end helping hand, with Tissot set to make a big reveal at Baselworld 2016.


The news comes from Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, who confirmed to Bloomberg that a Tissot would be the first of three smartwatches from the group to launch before 2017.

Although nothing is set in stone, there's only a slim chance that all three will carry the Tissot name - expect a Swatch or two as well. 

There's next to no details about what to expect from the Baselworld headliner, but the biggest watch show in the world should be the perfect place to launch a smartwatch; it’s where Tag revealed its first try last year.

The chance of a Tag Heuer Connected rival is still pretty small, as the Swatch group doesn’t seem too keen on “traditional” smartwatches.

Hayek called the Apple Watch “an interesting toy, but not a revolution” last year, and the first smart Swatch only puts mobile payments on your wrist - the Bellamy is otherwise a fairly simple timepiece.

It’s going on sale in Switzerland and the US in August, but there’s no word on availability in the rest of the world.

We’ve asked for more details on the Tissot watch, but don’t expect to hear anything until Baselworld 2016 kicks off on the 17th of March.


Midnight Planétarium

This Poetic Complication watch was created by Van Cleef & Arpels in partnership with Christiaan van der Klaauw.

Planets and constellations appear in enchanting guise to evoke voyages and dreams. With the Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication™ timepiece, the Maison achieved its dream of reducing the scale of the heavens to the dimensions of a wristwatch. It provides a miniature representation of the movement of six planets around the sun and their position at any given time : Earth and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Using a rotating bezel, the watch’s owner can choose the day of his choice as his lucky day by positioning a red triangle against a graduated calendar. On that date, the Earth will move to a position directly below the star engraved on the sapphire crystal, as a sign of good luck. Intricately sculpted by hand into spheres of different dimensions and colours, they are positioned round a sun in pink gold. Each of these elements, along with the shooting star in pink gold, is fixed on its own aventurine disc.

Midnight Planétarium

Planets are set in motion thanks to a self-winding mechanical movement of great complexity. The movement of each planet is true to its genuine length of orbit: like for Saturn it will take over 29 years to make a complete circuit of the dial. The day, month and year can be set using two push buttons and viewed through two apertures on the dial.

Wearing it will cost you $333,000

Manufacture Royale Opera

Only 12 copies will be made by Royal Manufactory of this watch called Opera that has the distinction of having a dial mounted on a metallic bellows. But that's not all, this watch is made in 18K white and rose gold, has 3 sapphire crystals and will cost you around 1,2 million euros.

  Manufacture Royale Opera  


MB&F JwlryMachine

The MB&F JwlryMachine watch is an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB&F’s Horological Machine No3 (HM3), developed in collaboration with venerable, 152-year-old, French high-jewelry house Boucheron.
In a spectacular flight of fancy, the Boucheron house’s fearless artisans have conceived the JwlryMachine watch as a splendid three-dimensional jewelled owl, presented either in 18k white gold, with amethyst, diamonds and blue and violet sapphires, or in 18k red gold, with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires. It will be made to order and will cost around $200,000.

     MB&F JwlryMachine  



How to Conduct Internet Watch Trading Safely

A recent report by Swiss customs authorities stated that between 30 and 40 million counterfeit watches are put into circulation every year. Think about it, that’s nearly 110,000 fake watches flooding the market every day...

... and a large proportion of those are passed to unsuspecting victims who trade watches online.

Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Bulgari... no brand is exempt from this scourge.

Obviously you want to be sure of any buyers and sellers credentials when you are watch trading... so you won’t get scammed.

Then you need to read This...